KUGR was founded in the fall semester of 2005 as an innovative approach to presenting the morning announcements to the student and faculty of Klenk Elementary. Then principal, Mrs. Lynn Allen, asked the music team of Jim Hallford and Tristan Smith to brainstorm ideas for Klenk’s morning announcements. The challenge was to communicate information to the listeners, whether they be students or faculty, in a format that would create a more receptive audience. KUGR was the result of that challenge.

Through the years, the program has evolved in the sophistication of its studio as well as the content of the program. The KUGR team applied for a grant to turn the studio into a facility that more closely mirrored a professional broadcasting studio. The team was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Klein Education Foundation in 2007 and it was through this grant that KUGR was able to purchase equipment that fulfilled that goal. The studio broadcasted from the front office until 2010 when it was relocated to Mr. Hallford’s music room.

At the end of each school year, fourth graders, through teacher recommendations, are auditioned to fill the vacancies left by the graduating fifth grade KUGR team. Each team member is expected to represent Klenk and KUGR as a positive role model and therefore expected to maintain passing academic and conduct grades.
Houston Chronicle Visits KUGR
Jerry Baker, photographer for The Houston Chronicle, visited with the 2012-2013 First Semester KUGR Team and Ms. Simi.