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Community Dialogue

New Student Enrollment

If you are enrolling a new student in our school, please make sure you have copies of the following:
Shot records, birth certificate, social security card-suggested but not required.
You will also need proof of residency (gas, light, water bill, current lease or closing papers). Phone bills cannot be accepted

 If you have difficulty accessing the information from the web site, hard copies of the reports are available through the campus principal’s office.






Upcoming Events:

March 12 Spring Break Begins

April 3 Schultz Spirit Night at Chick fli a 
20% of the proceeds go to Schultz 
              Music Department

Attention Parents:

The district missed two school days in January due to the icy weather conditions.  
To meet the number of instructional minutes required by the state and avoid making
up an entire school day on February 19, Klein ISD is adding one minute to the
 beginning of the school day starting Friday, January 26 and continuing throughout
 the remainder of the year.

Early Release Days:
May 31: School will be dismissed three house earlier at the
elementary and intermediate levels. At the high school, early release
 will be after the second final. The times of dismissal are noted below:

*Elementary: 12:35 p.m.
*Intermediate: 1:25 p.m.
*High School: 10:40 a.m

Lunch will be provided at the elementary and intermediate levels. High schools
will not provide lunch due to final exams. We will communicate with local daycare
facilities in Klein ISD regarding the early release days and times. 

For information on how to sign up for online flyers in PeachJar click on the link below.

Schultz Spirit Shirts:
Please click here to order your child's spirit shirt.

Thank you Spring Creek BBQ

Car Riders

 1) All students will be assigned a car rider number
 2) Students are expected to memorize that number and listen for it to be called
 3) All students wait inside the building until their number is called
 4) Safety patrols are on duty to assist with loading/unloading cars
 5) Sometimes, parents are late picking up their child.  If this happens, students will
 remain inside and will sit in the office until their parent comes to sign them out. 
 6) Please talk to your child and stress the importance of staying inside the building. 
 Students are not allowed to wait for their parents under the tree or by the flag pole. 
 7) No cell phone usage during carpool.
 8) Parents, please stay in your car and pull forward.

Thanks for keeping our carpool line safe and running smoothly.   Student safety is our #1 priority.

Lunch Visitors

 In order to accommodate the increased number of visitors in the cafeteria during lunch,
parent lunch visits are limited to once per month. We have assigned days for you to come
and enjoy lunch with your child. You are always welcome to drop lunch off to your child, but
if you wish to stay and eat, please do so on the following day:

Mondays- 1st Grade
Tuesdays - 2nd Grade
Wednesdays -  3rd Grade & 1/2 Kindergarten (Morgan, Downey, Rejas-Cantu)
Thursdays - 4th Grade  & 1/2 Kindergarten (Allen, Borque)
Fridays - 5th Grade 

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding!

Custody/Residency Issues:

Please assist us in the handling of custody related issues. It is the responsibility of the
parents to provide the principal a certified copy of the court order affecting any other
person's right to their children. Should you have any questions please call Mrs. Davenport. 

Shooting fireworks or explosive devices of any kind in the building or on the campus, at any time, during the day 

or night, is forbidden.  Students with such paraphernalia in their possession on the campus will be subject to
suspension or expulsion.

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