PTO Newsletter
PTO Contacts/Board

Lana Grimes
Home - 281-655-5338
Cell - 281-222-2116

Vice President 
Erin Lopez
Cell - 773-368-0309

Stephanie Shuttlesworth
Cell - 281-851-7740

Programs Officer
Sandra Stewart
Cell - 281-961-9337

Holly Stewart
Cell 281-826-3720

Fundraising Coordinator Officers
Gina Childress
Cell - 713-598-6182

Erin Lopez
Cell - 773-368-0309

Recording Secretary 
Lesli Klekar
Cell 713-446-9416

Corresponding Secretary 
Lorrie Vasquez
Cell 281-924-3583

Lindsey Noland
Cell 760-805-8355

Parliamentarian Officer
Brook Chaffee
Cell 913-406-0772

Volunteer Coordinators 
Diana Westover
Cell 832-628-0964

Pam Herron
Cell 713-857-2628

Special Events / Parties and Picnics
Lauren Wolfe
Cell 903-926-4854

Erin Seargeant
Cell - 832-525-7672

Holly Stewart - Veteran's Day
see above Programs 

Community Relations
Elizabeth Stewart

Alysse McNiel
Cell 281-320-8435

Spirit Team

Natalie Bunton

Cell 979-575-6437

Teresa Martin
Cell 432-413-8700

Memory Book Chairperson 
Katie Spradley
Cell - 281-658-2155

What is Brill PTO?
PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. The purpose of the PTO is to promote the welfare of children is school, home, and community; to enrich the education of children; and to foster communication, understanding,cooperation, and a sense of community among the students, parents, faculty, and school administration. We are looking forward to another exciting and productive year at Brill Elementary School. The Brill Elementary School PTO is a vital link between home and school. We endeavor to provide our parents, teachers, and administrators with all the support needed to meet your children’s educational goals. Each year, the parents of Brill Elementary plan, coordinate, and staff the entire year with learning opportunities, social activities, and fundraising events designed to benefit your children. Our yearly goal is to have every Brill Elementary family become a member of the PTO. Donating your skills, talents, time, or money can only benefit your child’s grade school experience.

How can YOU help?
Be a Brill Volunteer!! Brill is very appreciative to all of the wonderful volunteers who give their time and talents to help make Brill a wonderful place for students to learn. If you are not a volunteer and would like to join this wonderful community of helpers, please click on the following link for more information.
Volunteer Coordinators Kristen Thorp and Lana Grimes :
Volunteer Descriptions
2 Hour Pledge Sheet