Ehrhardt's History Ehrhardt Elementary was named in honor of a pioneer family in the Klein community, and is located on a portion of the original 167 acres which was purchased by Fritz Ehrhardt, a young German immigrant farmer who arrived in Texas in 1880. Fritz and his wife Louisa Strack Ehrhardt, purchased the land on which our school was built in 1885. They built their home, farmed the land and raised three daughters, Ida, Rosa, and Mattie and five sons, William, Jacob, Fred, August , and George. The family grew cotton and corn and raised livestock to provide for their own needs as well as to sell at the Farmer's Market in Houston. When making the two day trip into the city of Houston, the family often spent the night in the area that is now occupied by Northline Mall. Today, some of the land is still farmed by Fritz and Louisa's great grandson, Bernard and his wife JoAnn. They grow several different crops and raise livestock. In fact, an occasional friendly four-hoofed fella has been known to pay a visit to Ehrhardt's playground looking for that proverbial "greener pasture", thus giving our suburban students and teachers a real link with Ehrhardt's colorful history. When our building opened its doors in 1980, the enrollment was 527. Today, our school has grown to 647, serving the Oakwood Glen, Oakwood West, Shannon Forest, Spring Creek Forest, and Willowick Forest subdivisions.

The Ehrhardt Song

Many years ago
where we're standing now
German farmers settled down.
Planting corn and wheat
Raising dairy cows
Did they know what they had found?
In their pastures too
Like a tree we grew
With our roots deep in their ground.

Our hearts beat for Ehrhardt
Our minds are in eagles' flight.
This is our song.
Sing for Ehrhardt. And every year, we know you'll find
That we're the best in all of Klein.
So sing with us and watch us shine for Ehrhardt
Your school and mine.
(Your school and mine. Your school and mine.)

Learning from the past
Everything we've done.
Hear the soaring eagle's call.
Tested with the best,
Reaching for the sun,
Feel our pride in every hall!
From our history
Look who we can be,
Growing up and standing tall!