Coding Club
Kuehnle has begun their first ever Coding Club!  Members are comprised of 5th graders who meet every Monday and Wednesday with Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Skidmore.  We are currently preparing for Hour of Code which is to be held in December.  In the spring, we will be participating in the District Coding Expo.  

The following video gives insight to what coding is all about!

Cub Scouts

Calling all boys! If you have any questions or are interested in joining Cub Scouts, please contact

Girl Scouts

Open to all girls attending Kuehnle Elementary School! If you have any questions or are interested in joining Girl Scouts, please contact Teresa Powell at (281) 844-7684. 

To find out more about Girl Scouts in the Houston area, please visit our web site at:

Jogging Club

Jogging Club is split into two groups. Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades will have JClub on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will have JClub on Mondays and Fridays.  Students walk or jog from 7:50-8:05. Recognition is given when a child reaches 10 miles and at every subsequent 10-mile interval, and awards are given at year-end for top runners by grade level.

Students should arrive at JClub a few minutes early to get their lap card from their grade-level basket. They begin jogging when the start announcement is made and at the end of each lap, they stop by their grade-level helper to have their lap card marked.

Parents need to register their children in order for their lap card to be ready on JClub day. Students who are not registered can still come out for good exercise on their grade’s designated days, but their laps will not be counted or recorded. Siblings from other grades will not be allowed to attend when it is not their grades’ day. Siblings may wait under the porch near the front doors of the main building until it is time to go to class. Please direct questions to Mrs. Altendorf at

Register your children for JClub by using this link:

If you want email or text alerts of JClub cancellations, you can register with Remind at


The Kuehnle Choir is an exciting part of our school. Fourth and Fifth Graders come each week to learn different styles of music and perform in many different concerts. This year, Choir will be broken up by grade level until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, we will all combine every Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday rehearsals are for 4th Grade ONLY
Thursday rehearsals are for 5th Grade ONLY

All rehearsals are from 7:30-8:10 am.

The Kuehnle Choir will perform a spectacular holiday concert, a cluster concert at Klein Collins High School in April, and hopefully will have some wonderful community service opportunities throughout the year. A select group of boys will also perform in the Klein Men's Choir Concert in November. The choir sings in many special events during the school year, so join us! No experience necessary! Kuehnle Choir also celebrates each semester with a gathering and an end of the year trip. 

The Kuehnle Music Department also has a Strings program that 5th graders can participate in during the school week:

* Strings (5th grade only): Wednesday and Friday, 3:15-4:00 pm. 

Kuehnle is a great place to be! We will have a fantastic Kindergarten program and a 2nd grade program in the Spring. We hope everyone will join us! Go Koalas!!!

Need more information? Checkout Mrs. Brown's Website


Kuehnle Elementary’s environmental club PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) is made up of fourth and fifth grade students. The students met after school to develop a sense of ownership for the outdoors, understand how to be safe and prepared, learn to reduce their impact on the environment while enjoying the outdoors, and practice making responsible decisions. The 8-week program culminates with a group hike, where students will enjoy a nature scavenger hunt and practice the principles of Leave No Trace. PEAK members strive to help the environment, starting right on our campus. PEAK members stay after school twice a month to recycle paper from all classrooms and offices. They make a valuable contribution to Kuehnle by running our first-ever plastic bottle recycling program.  What a great way to take care of our environment!  Additionally, we help another elementary school.  Our recycled bottles are taken to a school that receives money for recycled plastic bottles. PEAK supports kids helping kids!

PTO at Kuehnle
We have an amazingly supportive PTO here at Kuehnle Elementary! For more information about joining or working with our PTO, please use the following link to visit the official PTO website!