Morning Procedures

Please be advised of our morning drop off procedures:

  • Front cafeteria parking lot is for bus riders, day care riders, Pre-K,  and children eating breakfast
  • Other children may be dropped off at this location after 8:05
  • Back gym parking lot is for all car riders
  • If you walk in with your child,  you must park and escort your child
  • No child should walk across the parking lot alone
  • Students eating breakfast are allowed in at 7:35
  • All other students are allowed in the building at 7:50

Please follow this procedure so we can begin our day productively with a strong academic focus! Thank you for your support. 


Online Resources Available Through Klein ISD
Attendance Information
Benignus Tardy Policy and Campus Guidelines If a student is tardy five times in the same nine weeks, his/her General Conduct grade can be lowered one letter grade. If a student is tardy ten times in the same nine weeks, his/her General Conduct grade can be lowered two letter grades and a parent/teacher conference is scheduled. If a student is tardy 15 or more times in the same nine weeks, his/her General Conduct Grade can be lowered three letter grades and a parent/teacher/administrator conference is scheduled. Please see detailed information regarding attendance in the student handbook. Excused and Unexcused Absences: The student will be expected to make up all reports, assignments, tests, etc., missed for the excused absences in the same number of days in which he was absent unless the teacher lengthens the schedule. Make up work not completed in the scheduled time will result in "0's" on those assignments. In the event a student is absent from school for any reason, he or she is required on his return to school to bring a written excuse signed by his parents. A student must present a note from his or her parent or guardian within five school days after the absence. A student who is absent more than 18 days during the school year may not be given credit except as noted below: Illness of the student, as verified by a doctor's written statement showing the dates of absence Extenuating circumstances approved by the campus attendance committee *It is not necessary for a student to have a note from a doctor each time he/she is ill. However, if the number of absences exceeds 18 days in a school year, and if medical reasons are given for an additional absence, a doctor's note will be required for the days (s) of illness in order to receive academic credit unless waived by the attendance committee.
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Parent Safety Meeting

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